R. U. N.

A first person solo racing game featuring an adaptive procedural terrain generation system that continually attempts to devise the most optimally challenging, yet satisfying environment for the specific player!

Play a demo here!

The character, a reappearance of one of the 2012 summer Olympic mascots at some forgotten point in the future, is rudely dropped into new space after new space, from whence he must rapidly reach the exit gates in the hopes of one day finding a way back to the world of frivolous physical revelry. Yet, each new space adapts to his previous achievements, continually placing the exit gate just beyond his easy access.

The game is constructed in Unity 3D, featuring an original Genetic Algorithm model to evolve each level uniquely given the player?s observed prowess and play style up to that point in the play session. The character modeling, animation, and texture mapping were created in Maya. Original shaders are employed to dynam